Liberally creative in word, song & merch

Human Kind Media publishes books, essays, song parodies, tchotchkes and humor, often commenting on “radical” concepts like:

* Racial equality
* Food security
* Voters rights
* Universal health care
* A woman’s right to chose
* Livable minimum wages
* Ending Citizens United
* Equitable taxation and representation
* Separation of church and state

In short, we side with human kindness and decency. Thus our name. Human Kind Media.

What some decry as socialism, we champion as public service. Like when your township’s snow plow magically arrives to clear your street. Or you get a free CV-19 vaccine just because. Or your kids can attend a public school.

Yeah, the kind of socialism also known as democracy.

So, most of our work reflects our views. Sometimes in a song parody, or in an essay, or on a snarky tee shirt.

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